Private Tours

Hourly slice Bus 8 places Bus 13 places
01:00 20 000 CFP 27 000 CFP
01:30 26 000 CFP 34 000 CFP
02:00 31 000 CFP 40 000 CFP
02:30 35 000 CFP 45 000 CFP
03:00 38 000 CFP 48 000 CFP
03:30 40 000 CFP 54 000 CFP
04:00 42 000 CFP 60 000 CFP
04:30 46 000 CFP 69 000 CFP
05:00 50 000 CFP 75 000 CFP
Hourly slice Bus 8 places Bus 13 places


This tour is only available when Cruise ships are in port.

Departure time is organised at time of booking.

Only available in limited number of places either 8 or 13 passengers.

Explore the city of Noumea and it’s surroundings on a private bus with an English speaking guide. Durations of the tours may vary depending on passenger’s choices of destinations.

Any special requests to visit any particular places or areas can be taken into account when booking.

You can take a ride with us throughout the southem area, to the outskirts of the city towards the fresh spring water fountain of Mont-Dore, the Catholic Church of “La Conception”, starting point of Christianity on the Island and the magnificent Tjibaou Cultural Center, a complex multicultural centre dedicated to Kanak Art.

The highlight of this tour is the beautiful lookout of the Ouen-Toro Canon, which has a 360° panoramic view of the Pacific Lagoon, the surrounding islands (Ilot Canard = Duck Island,  Ilot Maître = Master Island), the Amédée Lighthouse, and on to Extreme South of New Caledonia.


  • Terms of cancelation :
    30 days before : 100%
    7 days before : 50%Ability to transfer the ticket to the person of your choice
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